John Magnus – Licensed Home Inspector

John Magnus is the owner and inspector of SoCal Home Inspections. Some people simply have a knack for identifying and solving problems, and John has always had a reputation for being one of those people. After working elsewhere in the real estate industry for many years, John went on to find his true calling as a home inspector. John is passionate about coming into work each day and helping others progress toward an informed decision about one of the biggest purchases of their lives—sharing his abundant knowledge in hopes that you and your family will find endless joy in your real estate investment.

Staying Informed, Staying Safe

Before he began his journey to become a professional home inspector, John had already established himself in the construction industry, where he specialized as an electrician for 20 years. John also tacked on another 10 years experience managing properties, giving him a valuable new perspective on the maintenance and repair issues that homeownership often entails. One of John’s primary goals is to help you learn more about your prospective home so that you don’t get stuck dealing with some of these avoidable issues without first negotiating repairs or reduced pricing with the seller of the home. Most importantly, John wants to make sure that the home is safe for your family before you close on a purchase.

Electrician Experienced Inspector
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A Home Inspector Who Gives 100%

  • John is committed to doing thorough and honest work for every client, investigating and reporting on the entire accessible structure of a home so that you’re set up to make the best possible purchasing decision
  • After an inspection is over, you’ll have the knowledge to approach negotiations confidently and with a clear idea of what sort of compromises you should attempt to make with the seller to ensure that you get the best value from your prospective investment
  • If you have any questions, all it takes is a phone call to get the answers you need—John is always glad to help, even if a lengthy period of time has passed since your home inspection

When he’s not working on a home inspection, John enjoys camping with his family, going on road trips, and riding motorcycles on the weekends.

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SoCal Home Inspections offers a professional home inspection that will drastically enhance your existing knowledge of a home’s condition, providing more information than most home buyers would ever bargain for—helping to ensure that your investment goes off without a hitch. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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